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Dear Magic-Sim, I have received my order of your 3G twin sim adapter. It was simple to set up and works superb. Thank you for making this product and I will definitely recommend you all my friends.

- Anthony (France)
I use the Eurostar every week. I always used to carry two mobiles and chargers with me, but now I only need one - with your adaptor I installed both my English and French SIMs in one phone and switch between them whenever I need to. Much easier. Merci!

- Caroline (United Kingdom)
Driving in Europe I had to change SIMS in my phone all the time to avoid expensive roaming charges. I discovered MAGICSIM and ordered an adaptor. It came the next day. I followed the installation video, and it was ready to go. It’s brilliant - I don’t have to take my phone apart every time I cross the border.

- Gary (Switzerland)
Thanks for responding quickly. I got my no cutting adaptor this morning and fitted it in my HTC Desire. Now I can flick between my business and personal numbers. I wish I’d known about MAGICSIM before I bought another handset.

- David (United Kingdom)
I found about MAGICSIM adaptors and needed one urgently for a business trip. They replied and sent one over by next day courier. Great service, great technology. I’m going to recommend this to everyone. Thanks for all your help.

- Chris (USA)
Why doesn’t everybody know about these?! I ordered MAGICSIM adaptor for my ZTE Blade and I really didn’t think it would be this easy to use. Installed it in 5 minutes. I’ve set a keypad shortcut so I can change phone numbers instantly.

- Isabella (Canada)
Just followed your video and fitted the adaptor in my iPhone. This unit is such a great idea. Now I’m not going to have to wait forever for the iPhone to turn on and off just so I can insert my other SIM.

- Quinten (Netherlands)
Works perfectly. Just what I needed to flip between phone numbers on holiday. Thank you!

- Eleanor (UK)
Dear Magicsim. The adaptors came and we are all using them in the office. Thank you for helping,

- Team @ SP Teletec (France)
Hello Magicsim, thank you so much for 28 ‘no cutting’ adaptor. It works very well.

- Mario (Portugal)
Awesome product! Thanks,

- Michael (Australia)
Just want to say that you guys have provided some of the best international transaction and after-sales service I have ever had! Very quick to respond to emails, helpful and gave me solutions I needed. I highly recommend both the company and the product, and will be advising others to purchase your product. Thanks!

- Tory (Australia)
Works great. Just what I needed to flip between sim cards. I highly recommend both the company and the product, and will be advising others to purchase your product. Thanks!

- Chuddy Esenwa (uk)
I've been manually switching between my French sims and Swiss sims for ages. Taking out the battery etc was time consuming and frustrating. Purchased an adapter from MAGICSIM last week and very pleased with my order. Finally what I've been looking for!

- Graham (France)
I travel frequently to Africa this will reduce my roaming calls. Thanks MAGIC SIM

- Romil Rayos Del Sol (Philippines)
Great little device! Been a pleasure dealing with you!


- Thomas Wright (UK)
I have now had this adaptor for a few months. I am very happy with it because i find it very convienent and easy to use. Huge thumbs up! I would recommend this company to all who use two SIM cards. Thanks.

- Alice (Germany)
Excellent product. Bought the adapter about 1 month ago, so far no issues. Works really great. Very easy to switch between number-a (sim1) or number-b (sim2). No bugs discovered. Must admit, very fast delivery. Very satisfied.

- Jean (France)
Great product, easy install and works great. Ideal for work & personal sims.

- Sean (Ireland)
A big thanks to MAGICSIM!!! It's a great works very very WEEELLL!!! THX :)

- Gergely (Hungary)
Great Product , easy to install and use. Timely delivery .

- Souradeep (New Zealand)
Great product, for iphone users its a miracle. Very ease to use product. easy to install and use. Timely delivery. I think such kind of products are very useful for those who are using 2 sims..

- Mitesh Yadav (India)
Switch is very simple, and functional. Does it's job perfectly!

- DUGARRY (France)
Great device and service. Very pleased!

- Jerry (Wyles)
The Dual Sim is very easy to install, very compact & works well. This adapter allows me to have my work phone & personal phone all in one. Magic sim support is very good too, 5 Star ******

- Jonathan (England)
Magic sim is the perfect choice for Jio 4G sim /iPhone owners in India as we carry two sims and one phone. Thank you so much. It is working perfectly! Recommended.

- Dr SUNIL ISSAC (India)

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